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Mosquito Squad of Central Middlesex & Monmouth County FAQ

Mosquito Squad of Central Middlesex & Monmouth County wants to make sure that we’re providing our customers with the best customer service possible. We also want to make sure that we answer all and any questions you may have about our product. Here are some of the most common questions we get from people researching our treatments.

How does Mosquito Squad control mosquitoes?

Your first treatment includes a full inspection of your property by our licensed applicators. They will treat any standing water and any other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide. The larvicide eliminates any existing larvae to reduce future mosquito hatchings. Then the applicators will treat key areas of your outdoor space to eliminate adult mosquitoes and establish a barrier against mosquitoes that may enter your property thereafter. Technicians return to your property approximately every 2-3 weeks to maintain the barrier.

What do you treat?

Mosquito Squad’s trained applicators treat areas where mosquitoes feed and harbor. These places include foliage and shrubbery, underneath decks, fences, the foundation of houses, tall grass and low hanging vegetation. In accordance with local and state requirements, our applicators undergo an in-house training program that educates them on conditions and situations specific to tick and mosquito breeding.

Does it work?

Yes, and we guarantee it! While no service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and tick, you should notice a dramatic reduction in the mosquito and tick population in your yard – approximately 85-90%. If you don’t experience this reduction and are not happy with our service, we want to know! We’ll be more than happy to come out and retreat at no cost to you to make it right or we can provide you a refund based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How long does a treatment remain effective?

Each treatment lasts for 2-3 weeks. The treatment does not easily wash or rub off of surfaces, and remains effective to eliminate any mosquito or tick that attempts to feed or rest on a treated surface.

What if it rains right after my scheduled treatment?

When the product has dried (approximately 30 minutes dry time) rain and water do not easily wash away the treatment. If it begins raining before your treatment has dried and you noticed diminished effectiveness, call us and we will retreat at no cost to you.

What type of products do you use?

All of the products used by Mosquito Squad of Central Middlesex & Monmouth County are used according to the label and are registered with the EPA. In fact, our products can be found in many household products like pet flea collars and sprays and agricultural applications such as standard treatments for fresh produce and ornamental plants.

Is this product safe to use around kids and/or pets?

Mosquito Squad’s EPA registered products are non-toxic to kids, pets and any other surrounding wildlife. As long as the product is given 30 minutes to dry, it does not rub or wipe off easily, so kids and pets can continue playing in the yard as they normally would.

Will Mosquito Squad treatments harm my plants or vegetable and herb garden?

All of our treatments are designed to be as gentle as possible on organisms other than the targeted pests. Our products are frequently used in the agricultural industry and therefore we recommend that you treat any vegetables or herbs from your garden like you would if they were store bought by washing them prior to consumption. If you would like us to avoid your vegetable or herb garden, just say so and we will make a note to avoid treating those areas.

I have a fish pond, will treatments affect my fish?

Some of Mosquito Squad’s treatments can harm fish. Our applicators are trained to carefully treat around the pond to provide you with mosquito protection without harming the investment you have made in your pond and fish!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We have procured all required licenses and any necessary insurance and are happy to provide proof upon request.

Will I know when Mosquito Squad is coming?

We will always alert you via email the day before your scheduled treatment. That should give you enough time to reschedule if it is not convenient.

Do I need to be home for the treatments?

No. Our services are outside only and we always leave notice so you know that your service has been provided. All we ask is that you leave any access gates unlocked so we can enter your yard. Also remember to bring in any outdoor pets on the day of service.

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