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In recent years, stink bugs have become a more common pest inside and outside our homes. Mosquito Squad can help!

Much like ticks and mosquitoes, it’s important to combat stink bugs early in their life cycle and through their peak activity season. The product used to treat stink bugs is the same product we use to treat mosquitoes and ticks with our barrier treatment. However, it gets applied to the areas that stink bugs converge and lay eggs outdoors and around your property’s foundation where stink bugs can find places to enter the home.


Spring is the time that stink bugs emerge out of hibernation and lay their eggs. They are attracted to fruit trees like apple, pear and cherry and vegetables. Properties with fruit trees or vegetable gardens may be more susceptible to these pests. We like to do a treatment in early spring to eliminate the risk of the stink bugs laying eggs in your gardens and around your property.


In the fall, stink bugs are looking to get inside your home to prepare for the impending cold weather. Once a stink bug deems your home acceptable for the winter, it releases a pheromone to alert all the others to your home as well. The eggs that the stink bugs lay in the spring, usually hatch sometime in August creating a whole new wave of pests just in time for the fall. The treatment in the fall focuses on prevention so that these bugs can’t get close enough to invade.

Stink bugs can also enter your home through your chimney. While this is a place we cannot treat, you can be proactive by using your chimney in early September and October to prevent entry.

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